Basic Excel Function Continues

Sort and Filter:

  • Sort: Sorting arranges your data in ascending or descending order based on a selected column. It helps you organize your data for better analysis.
  • Filter: Filtering allows you to display specific data based on certain criteria. You can show or hide rows that meet your filtering conditions.
  • Text to Column:
    • This feature splits text in a single column into multiple columns based on a chosen delimiter, like a comma or space. It’s helpful when dealing with data that needs to be separated.
  • Removing Duplicates:
    • This function allows you to identify and remove duplicate values in a dataset. It’s useful for data cleansing to ensure accuracy.
  • Data Validation:
    • Data validation helps you control the type of data that can be entered in a cell. You can set rules and restrictions to ensure data integrity.
  • Custom Formatting:
    • Custom formatting lets you define your own display format for numbers and text, allowing you to make data more visually appealing or easier to understand.
  • Conditional Formatting:
    • Conditional formatting allows you to apply formatting rules based on the values in cells. You can highlight, color, or format cells based on specified conditions.

Donation Payment Options

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UK account for bank transfer

Account type: Current
Bank name: Cashplus Bank
Account Name: LM Tech Hub Limited
Account Number: 10727004
Sort code: 087199
Reference: [Donor full name]

Naira account for bank transfer

Account type: Current
Bank name: Guarantee Trust Bank TB (GTB)
Account Name: LM Tech Hub
Account Number: 0724572480
Reference: [Donor full name]