Microsoft Excel Project

Business Scenario

The Analytics team of a pharmaceutical company wants to design a dashboard to analyze the sales of products across various regions and brands. It wants to create a chart with User control functionality, so users can easily see the total Sales and “commission of external agents” categorized by brands and region.

The company’s database keep’s track of following data fields:

Brand Name, Company Name, Disease Medical Use, Invoice date, Company code, Ship-to-Country, Ship-to-Country Full Name, Sold-to party- Code, Sold-to party Country, Sold to party Country Full Name, Delivery Plant, Payment terms, External Agent, Sales quantity,  Price TC /Kg, Revenue, External commissions, Month.


  • Use the Saved Sample – Pharma database.
  • Prepare table of Sales and “Commission to Agent” data by Company and Year.
  • Create Column Chart for Sales and “Commission to external agent.”
  • Create User Control Combo box.
  • Link table with combo box.
  • Create a dashboard.

Attached is the dataset and the business Scenario for your Reference


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