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Learn all of the skills, tools, disciple and processes you need to become a Product Designer.

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At LM Tech Hub, we believe in empowering individuals through education, and we are dedicated to making our programs accessible to a diverse range of learners.

LM TECH HUB provides flexible and convenient payment options for you to participate in the programme. We are pleased to offer the following payment options:

Study Now, Pay Later

Study to become the best programmer that you can be without having to worry about the costs while studying. This option allows shortlisted candidates that meet our selection criteria to start their studies immediately and defer payment until a later date.

Pay back after you start a job                                       ₦250,000 + interest

Total course fee                                                                                        ₦250,000

Upfront deposit (must be paid at enrollment)                               ₦50,000

Maximum loan amount                                                                          ₦200,000

Payments made during the course                                                    ₦0

Loan repayment                                                                    2 months after starting a job

Flexible payments in 3 instalments

Candidates do not have to pay for the course all at once, with a flexible payment plan you are allowed to pay in three instalments. With 30% paid upfront to secure a place and the remaining 70% spread over the period of the course.

Course fee                                                                                                  ₦250,000

30% deposit paid at the enrollment                                                  ₦75,000

Balance paid in 2 instalments during the course                         ₦87,000

Total Cost                                                                                         ₦250,000

Get 20% off when you pay upfront

For those who prefer to complete their payment before the program begins. This option provides you with peace of mind, knowing that your tuition is settled, and you can fully immerse yourself in the program from day one

Course fee before discount                                               ₦250,000

Discount                                                                                   ₦50,000

Total Cost of the course                                            ₦200,000

Bank fiananced study loan over 12 months

You can finance your education through our partner Sterling Bank. Visit for more information.

Course fee                                                                                                       ₦250,000

Upfront depost paid at application stage                                            ₦0

Loan amount                                                                                                  ₦250,000

Repayment over 12 months before interest charge                        ₦20,850

Repayment over 12 months with interest charge                             ₦26,267

Interested candidates must be B.Sc or HND certificate holders, and have either started or completed NYSC. A verifiable guarantor is required for Study Now, Pay Later.

Please note that specific terms and conditions may apply to each payment option, and eligibility criteria for the Study Now, Pay Later program will be assessed on an individual basis.

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