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If you have been thinking of a career in software engineering and you possess the discipline, ability and the focus to succeed, we would like to hear from you.

* Closing date for student application: 6th March 2023

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Frontend Development

This module will provide the fundamental skills required to be a Frontend Web Developer. Product design which will be taught at the beginning…

Backend Development

This module introduces participants to the server-side development and the back-end activities that go on when engaging with websites.

Product Design

A product design UI/UX focuses on the design of user interfaces and user experiences. It covers various topics, including usability, accessibility, user research, and…

Non–Technical Module

Non-technical skills are additional resource skills that complement the technical skills and contribute to effective performance in a

* Closing date for student application: 6th March 2023

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Elena Miles
Frequently Asked Questions

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You can apply to the programme by completing this form:

No. This programme was designed to develop students with basic IT skills to junior software developers.

Students must be between the ages of 20 – 30 years old, holds at least HND certificate and demonstrated basic IT skills before they are accepted on the programme.

6 months intensive training.

All applicants must submit their interest through the website. Selected applicants will take an aptitude test to gauge their suitability for the programme and the shortlisted applicants will be invited to an interview where a panel validates each applicant’s submission.

The training will be provided free of charge to successful applicants. In order to encourage participation, students that attain a specified level of participation (95% attendance each month, timely completion of all assignments and project tasks), will receive an unspecified monthly stipend.

Yes, available internship programme, acceptance criteria must be met.

The impact of the training on the students will be evaluated and monitored using survey tools before the training to create a baseline of the student’s knowledge and a post-training survey would be administered to track progress and measure the effectiveness and performance of the program as a whole.  Weekly feedback will be requested from the participants to ensure the training is running as intended or adapt the training if needed.

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What our students are saying...

Beginner friendly, surpassing expectations, mentally stimulating. These words best describe my experience at LM TECH Hub. I was initially skeptical while applying for the program partly because I couldn't phantom how such program with detailed and well-structured curriculum could be free! Furthermore, it is one of the first tech programs I have seen incorporating soft skills - a vital aspect to prepare students for the work environment. I have improved technically, cognitively and socially during my stay. Enrolling at LM TECH HUB was one of the finest choices I made this year. If you are aspiring for a career in tech, LM TECH HUB is your best bet. I applaud this wonderful initiative.
Mercy Nwaodu
Full Stack Developer (Student)
Ever been loved so much by an external community that you call them family? That is exactly what LM Tech Hub is and will always be to me. Always finding productive ways to bring out the best in me. LM Tech Hub has helped me see that there's a whole lot of progress that can be made as a community, the very definition of the phrase "Two heads are better than one". I love LM Tech Hub as a community and most importantly as a family. Thank you Family.
Somkenechukwu Williams Ezelum
Full Stack Developer (Student)
At LM Tech Hub, I've met some of the most talented people I've ever known. It has also provided me with the opportunity to pursue both lateral and upward tech career goals. It is also very inspiring to be exposed to creativity and to be equipped to develop your imaginations. It's also highly matrixed; to be successful, you need excellent navigation, collaboration, and influencing skills, which LM Tech Hub provides. I want to thank God for giving me this opportunity, as well as the amazing management at LM Tech Hub for having me as one the students.
Johnkarol Tagbo
Full Stack Developer (Student)
The team at LM Tech Hub are helpful and approachable, making it a genuinely pleasant place to be. My experience as a student has been wonderful, supportive, and welcoming. It feels good to be surrounded by individuals who are committed to achieving a common purpose and that alone is enough motivation to help anyone learn. I appreciate the support, teaching and the sense of community at LM Tech Hub.
Emmanuel Aniche
Full Stack Developer (Student)
My experience at LM Tech Hub was a wonderful one. I was trained on software development by a very good and professional tutor within a conducive learning environment. I was also trained on soft skills which was the best part of the training I had at LM Tech Hub because the knowledge acquired helps me express myself and communicate better in my place of work. The Thursday games has improved my ability to work well within a team and not least the level of discipline around the Hub. Great experience all round.
Ifeanyichukwu Kanu
Full Stack Developer (Student)


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