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Frontend Web Development

This module will provide the fundamental skills required to be a Frontend Web Developer. Product design which will be taught at the beginning of this module.

Backend Web Development

This module will provide the fundamental skills required to be a Backend Web Developer. It introduces participants to the server-side development and the back-end activities that go on when engaging with websites. The programme explores the creativity of participants using web technologies such as JavaScript, SQL and Node.js
At the end of the program, participants will learn about:
Capstone Project: Towards the end of the course, each participant is required to create a project that address a particular issue and host it online. This is an important aspect of your training. Your tutor will provide guidance and support to ensure your project is of high standard.

Product Design

A product design UI/UX focuses on the design of user interfaces and user experiences for physical products. It covers various topics, including usability, accessibility, user research, and user-centred design.

Product design UI/UX curriculum and essential branding

Non–Technical Skills

Non-technical skills are additional resource skills that complement the technical skills and contribute to effective performance in a workplace.
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