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The cohort 3 courses: web development foundation, software engineering,, data analytics, and product design.

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With about 53.4% of youths unemployed in Nigeria, majority are caught in a circle of poverty and criminality. LM Tech aims to train young people through our tech bootcamp mentoring programmes to help those interested in building successful careers in tech.

We deliver high-quality tech training from our conducive environments, helping the students develop a growth mindset to enable them to become highly-rated developers and leaders in the tech space. No other talent accelerator puts as much care and attention into training their students.

Over the next 4 years, we will deliver huge economic benefits to the young men and women graduates from our bootcamps. We are on an exciting journey of hope and fully committed to making a difference in the lives of young people with a passion for tech.

You have the power to give a gift that changes a young person’s future. Sponsor a student with LM Tech Hub and you’ll equip them with skills and confidence to build an independent positive future.

With your help, our goal is to provide 100 young people with the opportunity to participate in our next bootcamp starting in October 2023.

Your support will make participation in the next bootcamp tuition-free for the sponsored student. 

If you are an organisation, social group or an individual interested in sponsoring a
candidate, kindly use the form below to indicate how you wish to work with us.

Tony Chinweze

LM Tech Hub

Here’s the deal.

When you join our valued community of sponsors, you have made an important decision to help make a change in a young person’s life for the better.

Help our mission by providing full scholarship(s) to one or more prospective candidates, full scholarship means making the full payment for any of the courses we offer. Alternatively, sponsors can also make partial payments towards our programme by sponsoring with any amount.

What’s in it for you?


Our bootcamp training programme, is rigorous and require the student to be fully committed during the period of their course, thereby making it difficult for them to hustle and study at same time. Your support of our mission is highly appreciated.

How it works

Complete the form below, visit the course page for more information on any of the courses and payment information or send us an email

There are millions of unemployed youths across the states in Nigeria. The deteriorating economic situation increased unemployment to an all-time high leaving millions of Nigerians in poverty. Our tech bootcamp is designed to provide access to training resources, job or business opportunities for young people.

Your decision to sponsor a student into the next cohort is part of our solution.

Your sponsorship helps to remove any barrier to learning due to affordability and supports the high-quality training we deliver.

We allocate your sponsorship to directly fund one student’s participation in our bootcamp or more if you wish to sponsor more than one. Only the students that demonstrate competence at the interview are assigned to the scholarship programme.

In addition, sponsors are allowed to put forward candidates known to them to join the bootcamp instead of those we allocate. All candidates are expected to go through our 3-stage selection process.

Yes. As a valued sponsor, you will have the opportunity to meet students through mentorships activities.

With your help, about 90% of LM Tech Hub’s graduates will transition into internship, job employment, entrepreneurship,  freelancing and further education, As a valued sponsor, you will receive updates on students’ learning journeys and achievements throughout the year. LM Tech’s Annual Impact Report which will feature highlights and milestones that we have achieved together throughout the year.

Donation Payment Options

Kindly use any of the payment options to make your donation.

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Bank name: Cashplus Bank
Account Name: LM Tech Hub Limited
Account Number: 10727004
Sort code: 087199
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Naira account for bank transfer

Account type: Current
Bank name: Guarantee Trust Bank TB (GTB)
Account Name: LM Tech Hub
Account Number: 0724572480
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