My LM TECH HUB Chronicles: 30th of June 2023

The class had an extended Stand-Up session where members discussed their progress on the Treehouse lessons, tasks, and progress with Eloquent JS. They were questioned further, and everyone made efforts to give their best explanation. The session fostered collaboration with students, asking questions, seeking advice, and supporting one another. Our Director, instructors, and supervisor actively participated, offering valuable insights.

At the end of the Stand-Up session, the director commended and appreciated the class for their initiative and efforts in creating a celebratory video to honor the founder on his special day.

Following this, she informed the class about the upcoming task of recording a video to showcase their positive experiences as students of LM Tech Hub. The aim is to capture and convey the essence of the Hub in an engaging and inspiring way.

Morning Class

Today’s class was extended as Mr. Promise delved into the three ways of defining JavaScript functions: Function Declaration, Function Expression, and Arrow Function. He explained the similarities and differences between them, providing numerous examples of their usage.

Upon the class request, he also reviewed the tasks assigned for the week and addressed all challenging concepts. The session covered such topics as “closures”, the “for…in” loop, the “for…of” loop, and the “forEach” method. It was a highly beneficial session for everyone.


After the break, the class engaged in self-learning, dedicating time to work on their tasks in order to meet the deadline today. Everyone focused on their tasks, aiming to make progress and complete them in time.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your weekend.

By Ighawosa Omoma

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