My LM TECH HUB Chronicles: 29th of June 2023

The day started with the regular stand-up session. Today’s session was really interesting as everyone was questioned more about their progress so far. As usual, our director, supervisor, and instructor each regularly chipped in advice in between.

Morning class

Our morning class was handled by Mr Promise during which he addressed the questions raised during the session. He began with functions and explained in detail how to declare a function inside another function and discussed the concepts of global scope and local scope.

He also covered the differences between var, let, and const, providing examples to illustrate their appropriate use.

Afterward, Mr Johnson also threw more light on the differences with illustrative examples. It was a truly interactive and informative session.


The class then went on break, allowing everyone to refresh themselves.


Today’s games session was an interesting one. The major focus was on FIFA, while two others played chess. It was a lively session with a lot of banter and friendly competition. Unfortunately, I found myself at the receiving end of most of the banter.

Despite that, everyone had a fun and relaxing time, which is one of the main goals of this activity. Personally, I look forward to next week’s games session, where I hope to redeem myself after the embarrassing defeat I suffered at the hands of Mr. Taiwo in FIFA

Thanks for reading through and see you tomorrow!

By Ighawosa Omoma

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