My LM TECH HUB Chronicles: 27th of June 2023


Today’s standup session, as usual, was a review of our progress and plans for the day. The hub director, instructors, and supervisor regularly chipped in relevant advice and guidance during the session.

Morning Class

Mr. Johnson led the morning class, focusing on functions, arrays, and objects. He explained concepts related to array methods, object properties, and values and introduced the this keyword. Questions from the class were addressed, and the session left us eager to learn more.


After the break, we engaged in self-learning, working on our tasks and lessons.

Afternoon Class

The afternoon class started at 4 pm with our new instructor, Mr Promise. He taught us how to link the form fields in our previously created portfolios to our email through a service called Formspree. He guided us step by step as we signed up on Formspree and learned how to connect the form elements in the HTML of our portfolio to our Formspree accounts through the action and method attributes in the form element. 

As a result, we can now receive the details and messages of anyone who might want to contact us through our portfolio.

Holiday Announcement

Just before we rounded off for the day, the director informed us about the Eid public holiday scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday. Initially, she wanted the students to be in school on Wednesday and observe Thursday as a holiday.

She was however swayed by her usual motherly and considerate manner, to agree to the students’ opinions to stay off on Wednesday and not miss Soft skills and Games sessions on Thursday.  She then declared Wednesday a public holiday with normal Hub activities to resume on Thursday.

Our instructor, Mr. Promise, advised us to use tomorrow to catch up on reading and also make progress on Treehouse.

Thanks for reading through and see you tomorrow!

By Ighawosa Omoma

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