My LM TECH HUB Chronicles: 26th of June 2023

 Standup Session

The day started with the usual Standup Session when the class convenes to discuss the plans and progress for the day. At the end of the session, our director addressed the class, providing pieces of advice and setting the tone for the week ahead. She also introduced the new class governor amidst cheers and fanfare.😁

New Instructor Announcement

 The director’s announcement concerning the departure of Instructor Mr Johnson came with a big surprise to the students! She went further to introduce his successor, Mr Promise Okechukwu, and urged everyone to extend the same love and respect shown to the previous instructor, to Mr. Okechukwu.

Introduction to JavaScript Functions

Our new instructor hit the ground running by immediately addressing the challenges the class had faced so far, specifically focusing on JavaScript functions. He explained the concept of functions, emphasizing why and when they should be used. He told us to always use the principle of *why*, *how* and *when* in dealing with new concepts. He also discussed the difference between parameters and arguments, providing examples to illustrate the concepts.

He rounded off by taking relevant questions from the students. The outgoing instructor also provided further clarifications on the topic by explaining more about the concept of _Scoping_, which he treated with us the previous week.

Meeting with the Founder

 Shortly after break time, the class had a virtual meeting with the founder, Mr Dilibe. In his usual fatherly manner, he checked in on the class’ progress and encouraged the students to welcome the new instructor with open arms.

Mr Dilibe also discussed plans for the next cohort, revealing that it would cover areas like ASP.NET, Product Design, and Data Analytics.   He, however, pointed out that there would be a cost associated with the training this time around,  to cushion some financial effects that would arise.

Test Scores

The class also received a report on the scores of Hackerank assessment last week. Students who missed this were given another opportunity to write their own tests.

Afternoon Class

During the afternoon session, our new instructor, Mr Okechukwu inquired about the class’ general progress and then proceeded to test our understanding of certain concepts. He asked questions regarding passing arguments to functions, initializing parameters, and assigning parameter values inside functions. He also dwelt on the differences between “let,” “var,” and “const” in JavaScript.
The session turned out to be a very interesting and interactive one.

Thanks for reading through and see you tomorrow!

By Ighawosa Omoma

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